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Professor Xu Kecheng

Specialized: Gastrointestinal liver tumors

President, Physician-in-charge. The president of Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital. Renowned expert disease for Digest in China. Have an in-depth study and skills at diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases especially in the liver, gastrointestinal cancer treatment, tumor intervention diagnosis, tumor biology immunotherapy and other treatments aspect.

From the early 1980s, he began to study the diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer and was the first to use isozymes and serum enzymes in diagnosis of liver cancer. He was the first to use the "GGT II" added the diagnosis of insufficient AFP. The study wined Second Prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Advancement Award, the Foreign Experts Contribution Award of United States 14th annual meeting of digestive disease; He is one of the experts who firstly adopted vascular intervention and percutaneous cryoablation therapy in cancer treatment; his book "Modern treatment of digestive disease” is the primary reference book in many hospital clinical diagnose. 

Voice of Specialist

 At 1995, L.A.USA, in my friend, Professor Mo Shimie’s home. He is the world famous expert at anesthesia and ache treats field and his wife is an enterpriser. They own a 1000 sq.m. villadom in a beautiful uptown. When we talked the next half generation, Doc. Mo said: “I worked for American for most lifetime, now I should do something for China”. He was planning to return Taiwan and to build a speciality for pain treatment. He also said soulfully to me that, “You should back to mainland, hoped you do the tumor treatment in the mainland. After 10years, we meet in mainland. 8 years past, Doc. Mo built 7 pain treatment centers in Taiwan and I also run the Fuda cancer hospital in Guangzhou. Last year Doc. Mo came to give a lecture in Guangzhou Fuda and review the talking 8 years ago, Tears rolled down our cheeks. Working for Chinese and serving for China, Perhaps is our faith and the wish.

Dr. Zuo Jiansheng

Specialized: Tumor Intervention

Vice President, Was graduated in 1990 from the first military medical university with master degree. Assistant director doctor, vice-president, has published more than 30 papers and participated the compilation of six monographs, has the rich experience in the chemotherapy and interventional treatment aspects.

Voice of Specialist

12 years ago, when I graduated from university hospital,my teacher Professor Zhou Dianyuan sincerely said to me: "works hard. A person must do one or several things match hisown,and his country in life. Now, I have chosen the tumor treatment enterprise because the tumor patients are so painful. Many patients turn to any doctor they can find in ill, which make them spent money, delay their time and compensate their precious life. We must let patients in our hospital feel like lives in their home and cure them to the best of our abilities”.

Dr. Niu Lizhi

Specialized: Tumor Minimally Invasive Therapy

Vice President, Vice-Professor, Assistant director doctor and vice-president of Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital. Doctor of cardiothoracic specialty from the Fourth Military Medical University. From 1995 engaged in post-doctoral research of clinical oncology at South First Military Medical University Hospital, with strictly basis of clinical and professional training. In recent years, He is mainly engaged in minimally invasive percutaneous tumor therapy, with outstanding success at cryoablation, radiofrequency ablation and other areas. He has extensive experience in liver cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, renal cancer, thyroid cancer, minimally invasive treatment of abdominal tumors.
He has published 20 pagers, mainly are:“Percutaneous Cryoablaton in Combination with Ethanol Injection for Unresectable Heaptocellular Carcinoma” [《World J Gastroenterol》2003;9(5):940-949]];” Inoperable hepatocellular carcinoma after percutaneous ethanol injection treatment with cryoablation”[(Chinese digest magazine 2003;23(6));and involved in edition of the first monograph <Targeted Cyrocare tumor treatment>(A Pioneer Bioscience Pub Co,2003)。

Voice of Specialist

Someone says that the hospital, "surgeons live on envelopes and physicians on kickbacks." I said this was certainly wrong because I do not accept any red envelope. Some of the patients at our center secretly send red envelopes to me in Renminbi, sometimes USA dollars, and the amount is two thousand, to more than 10,000. I certainly do not accept and will not collect, Why I said: " "All flowers are not in one garland.” my name is called Lizhi”. One patient in a family and the whole family will be careworn. Particular tumor patients. Facing of the patients, as a conscience, ethics medical workers, we can only to relieve their pain with our greatest enthusiasm, the best technology and the most perfect service. How can we add to the burden of these patients

David Z. Chiu

Director, Dept.of Biological Therapy

1960 – 1965 Chongqing University of Medical Sciences, Chongqing, Sichuan, China
Major: Medicine Degree: M.D. (Evaluated in the U.S.)

2008 – present Director, Center of Biological Therapy, Fuda Cancer Hospital at Guangzhou,
1992 – 2008 Senior Researcher, AIDS Clinical Trail Unit, Beth Israel Medial Center, New
York City, U.S.A
1989 – 1992 Visiting Investigator, Retroviral Laboratory, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
Center, New York City, U.S.A
1965 – 1989 Vice professor/Vice Chief-physician, Lecturer/Attending physician, Teaching Assistant/Resident, Department of Infectious Diseases, The First Hospital,
Chongqing University of Medical Sciences, Chongqing, Sichuan, China

1980 – 1989 Member and Secretary of Board of Infectious Diseases Branch, Chinese Medical Association, Chongqing City, China
1976 – 1989 Member of Edition Board of <New Medical Abstract>


  1. One annual prize for excellent research achievement awarded by Ministry of Public Health, China (1983)
  2. Eighty annual prizes for excellent research achievement awarded by Department of Medicine and Health, Sichuan Province (1982-1989)
  3. One annual prize for excellent research achievement awarded by Science Council, Chongqing City (1987)

Professor Wu Nianzeng

Specialized:Brain surgery

   Professor Wu, expert of Brain surgery, invented the “partial immune therapy on tumor bed” treatment to cure malignant glioma, which increased 5-year survival rate to 66%. Xinhua News Agency has made two reports to the world about the unique technology; CCTV also reports his results twice. Guangzhou, only three years after he came here, more than 200 patients has received the treatment, and more than 50 have good results, many of which are from overseas.

Voice of Specialist

As a brain surgeon, I felt gratified for at after 50 years old, I found one effectively method to prevent the brain sol lump recurs-- surgery plus the lump bed partial immunotherapy. Originally, my family did not hope me worked again, but Professor Xu Kecheng encouraged me and hope me can contribute my knowledge to the society. Renowned writer Ba Jin has said: The life value lies in the contribution, but does not lie in demands. So my only idea now is to realize my life value.

Dr. Yang Chuanbiao

Specialized:Traditional Chinese Medical

Vice-director Doctor, Associate Professor, Doctor of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and engaged in postdoctoral research in the First Military Medical University on tumor treatment by using Chinese medicine. He has published more than 20 papers and involved in edition of four monographs.



Professor Hu Yize

Specialized:Abdominal Surgery

Professor, Doctor, and a well-known expert at hepatobiliary and breast surgery. Studied with Professor Qiu Fazhu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Science and visiting scholar of the British Royal Colleges at Graduate School of hepatobiliary surgery. He is the chairman of the Guangzhou Institute of General Surgery, vice chairman of Surgery Society of Guangdong Province. He has more than 600 clinical experiences on hepatic or breast cancer resection. He has published more than 60 articles, and participated in edition of nine monographs, and many wined science and technology achievement awards of provinces and cities level several times.

Voice of Specialist

As a hepatobiliary and breast surgeon, I have worked for nearly 40 years. Proud of the life I had the best teacher: Academician Qiu Fazu and Professor R.Williamson of British Royal Postgraduate Medical College Hospital. The told me that: As a good surgeon, it is first of all that to have good ethics, and take your patients as your relatives. I am glad that: a large number of patients can normally work and study after my treatment. Over years, I undertake surgical treatment for above 600 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma or breast cancer, which had the longest survival time for 16 years. My biggest wish is to impart my knowledge and wisdom to younger successors to contribute to the health of people.

Director Nurse, Liao Chunying
Specialized: Nursing for Patient with Cancer; and Nursing Management
voice of specialist

our motto is "Quality in service and Excellence in Care". we aonstantly strive to find better ways to treat cancers and new services to meet patients' needs and have installed the most advanced equipment. we invite the well-qualified and trained doctors. nurses and paramedical staff to join the hospital to provide the best care. we continually review our services and practices to ensure quality and integrity are up to our clients' pxpectation.