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The 3rd Cross-strait Cancer Forum on Reach Toward Recovery

From June 3 to June 4, 2017, the 3rd Cross-strait Cancer Forum on Reach Toward Recovery, co-hosted by Cancer Recovery Society and Chinese Psychosocial Oncology Society of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, organized by Guangdong Provincial Light of Life Cancer Rehabilitation Society and co-organized by Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital of Jinan University, was convened in Guangzhou....
How To Come To FUDA
Step-by-Step Directions To Begin Getting Treatment
 Don't know where to begin?

After taking the time to review our website and learn about our therapies, this section will give you a step-by-step guide on how to begin sending us your medical records, how to get a FUDA treatment recommendation, our medical advice, how to apply for Chinese visas, and other necessary information.

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A Lifetime of Learning
Lifestyle:Lifestyle is one of the keys to staying healthy and preventing recurrence. Read how lifestyle affects you and your risks cancer.
Treatment Plans:Read our doctors' treatment recommendations for different types of cancer. Learn about our approach to cancer therapy before you make the big step.
Treatment Success:Our doctors are respected and well-published experts in their fields. Click here to read their published works.
Patient Stories
Helping Others, Sharing Experiences
    Ibu Aida adalah perempuan usia 62 tahun, seorang ibu dari tiga putranya. Saat ini beliau tinggal bersama dengan suami dan putra sulungnya. Beliau termasuk orang yang sangat aktif dan tergolong rajin berolahraga, selain itu juga sering mendaki gunung bersama teman-temannya. Ibu Aida merupakan salah satu pasien yang berobat ke Rumah Sakit Fuda, Guangzhou. Bersama ini beliau akan menceritakan sedikit kisahnya mengenai sakit kanker yang pernah dideritanya serta pengobatan yang telah dijalaninya sela...   READ MORE...
Concept: A 3 "C" Approach
A New, Better Approach to Cancer
      Cryosurgery. CIC (Immunotherapy). Cancer Microvessel Nano-material Blockage (CNB).
At Fuda Cancer Hospital-Guangzhou, we believe cancer therapy goes far beyond chemotherapy, radiation, and conventional surgery. Along with our award-winning history of successfully using cryosurgery to remove solid tumors, Fuda combines microvessel nano-material blockage (a type of local chemotherapy), and immunotherapy. This 3 "C" approach is the combination of local treatments (cryosurgery, CNB) and systemic treatments (CIC). Following this method, Fuda can obtain a significantly better comprehensive treatment result for most patients than the combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. To learn more about these individual therapies, please go to the "Therapies" section of our website. READ MORE...
Media Reports
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