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Cancer is a systemic disease with tumors as a local manifestation of the disease. Once cancer occurs in a person, cancerous cells will be found in the body. Surgical removal of tumors in no way implies that one is cured of cancer. For example, breast cancer can relapse even if the original tumors were removed.Like hypertension and diabetes, cancer is a chronic disease. The disease may take a few years to manifest itself - from its occurrence until the emergence of tumors. In some cases, cancer cells may exist in a stage of ....
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  • Prof. Xu Kecheng , M.D.

    Professor Xu is a world-renowned specialist in gastroenterology, hepatology and cancer treatment. He was President of 17th International Society of Cryosurgery. He was awarded the highest honor - "Bethune Medal" in 2012 for his excellent work and contributions to China's national healthcare system. He was the professor of internal medicine and director of digestive research at Nantong University, guest p... [Read More]

  • Prof. Niu Lizhi , M.D.

    Dr.Niu Lizhi graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University with a doctoral degree in Thoracic Surgery. Specialized in minimally invasive cryosurgery for cancers, he has made outstanding achievements in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, renal cancer, thyroid cancer, peritoneal cancer and other solid tumors with unique treatment approach. He has performed most cases of ... [Read More]

  • Prof. Mu Feng, M.D.

    Vice-President, Thanks to his years of clinical experience, Dr. Mu has perfected his minimally invasive techniques, especially in regards to lung, esophageal, breast, and stomach cancers. The Chinese government has funded several of his research projects; Dr. Mu has also published 28 research articles and two teaching articles. He has won awards for his excellent teaching skills and medical accomplishments. [Read More]

  • Prof. Zeng Zongyuan, M.D.

    Professor Zeng Zongyuan graduated from Medical College of Sun Yat-sen University. He was the Vice president of Cancer Hospital and the deputy director of the Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University. He has been doing clinical research on cancers for over 40 years and has in-depth expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers, especially laryngeal and oral cancers. [Read More]

  • Prof. Li Chaolong, M.D.

    Professor Li Chaolong graduated from Medical College of Sun Yat-sen University. He is a renowned specialist in general surgery. He was supervisor for doctoral degree students at Nangfang Medical University and former director of General Surgery at Nanfang Hospital. He is member of International Association of Hepatobiliary Surgery, member of the Chinese Society of Surgery, member of The Society of Laparo... [Read More]

  • Prof. Cao Bin, M.D.

    Dr. Cao is the Chief Physician, Medical Director of our hospital. He graduated from the first Shanghai Medical College (now the Shanghai Fudan University School of Medicine), and has been engaged in clinical work for more than 40 years. In that time, he has attended numerous domestic and international conferences. He has authored over 30 medical papers on the topics of digestive disease diagnosis and th... [Read More]

  • Chen Jibing, M.D.

    Dr Chen Jibing, Associate professor, expert of immune therapy, graduated from Immunology Department of Jilin University School of Medicine. He is the member of International Society of Cryosurgery (ISC), Director of Biotherapy Center at Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital. Dr Chen has been engaging in clinical immunological treatment of cancer for 6 years, being good at detection of immune function and mult... [Read More]

  • Zhou Liang, M.D.

    Graduated from Tongji Medical University, Dr. Zhou specializes in general surgery and clinical work in urology. To date, he has handled more than 2,000 cases of minimally invasive surgery. Techniques he has perfected include cryosurgery and brachytherapy.  [Read More]

  • Cheng Jiangpeng, Associate Chief Physician

    Cheng Jiangpeng, Han nationality, was born in December 1986 in Hancheng, Shanxi Province. In August 1985, he was admitted by the School of Military Medicine (six-year), The Fourth Military Medical University. In July 1991, he was assigned to Neurosurgery Department of Urumchi General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Command. He was promoted as attending physician in December 1996 and associate chief physicia... [Read More]

  • Zhou Qiang , M.D.

    Zhou Qiang,M.D.,Director of Surgery and Imaging Dr. Zhou is responsible for Fuda Cancer Hospital's stunningly high success rate with vascular intervention therapy. He has performed over 2,500 cases. Additionally, he oversees the surgery and imaging performed at the hospital. [Read More]

  • Li Zhonghai, M.D.

    Dr Li graduated from Inner Mongolia Medical College,majoring in medical imaging. He had been working in the field of Medical Imaging for 18 years.He has extensive expertise and experiences in X-ray Diagnostics, CT Diagnostics and MRI Diagnostics. Dr Li specializes in radiodiagnosis of the diseases from respiratory, digestive, ENT, reproductive system, and breast disease. Dr Li also specializes in various... [Read More]

  • Hu Yong, M.D.

    Dr. Hu has over 20 years of professional experience with the diagnosis and treatment of various tumors. He emphasizes the combination therapy approach when treating patients, utilizing chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and minimally invasive therapy. As a 1983 graduate of Wannan Medical College, Dr. Hu is a member of the Anhui Cancer Society, member of Anhui Provincial Institute of Cancer Integrative Medicine... [Read More]

  • Liu Zhengping, M.D.

    Director Liu Zhengping, Since graduating in 1989, Dr. Liu has had over 16 years of experience in the field of oncology and surgery. His expertise is in the field of diagnostics and treatment of cancer regarding neurology. In Indonesia, Dr. Liu promotes combination therapy using minimally invasive approaches. Thanks to his efforts, hundreds of Indonesian patients have been successfully treated at Fuda. [Read More]

  • Wei Changqun, Director of Nursing Care Dept

    Ms Wei Changqun Senior Nursing Officer, Director of Nursing Care Dept.Graduated from the Shanghai Railway Nursing College in 1985. Having worked in hospital nursing career for more than 25 years. Under her professional guidance, nursing team in FUDA Cancer Hospital has grown stronger, especially in elderly cancer patient care. [Read More]

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