27th Apr, 2018
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Cancer is a systemic disease with tumors as a local manifestation of the disease. Once cancer occurs in a person, cancerous cells will be found in the body. Surgical removal of tumors in no way implies that one is cured of cancer. For example, breast cancer can relapse even if the original tumors were removed.Like hypertension and diabetes, cancer is a chronic disease. The disease may take a few years to manifest itself - from its occurrence until the emergence of tumors. In some cases, cancer cells may exist in a stage of ....
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Let us find out what we can do for you or your loved one. Make the first step: contact us. In your message, try to give us much information as possible so that we may know how best to help. For a more detailed inquiry, download and fill out standard medical information form, and email the completed form to us at consultation@fudahospital.com .


You may contact us through the follwing ways:


Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospial (North campus)


Address (Chinese):广州市天河区棠德西路2号,中国。邮编510665
Address (English) : No 2,Tangde Xi Rd,Tianhe District,GuangZhou, China, 510665.

Click 【Here】 To See A Map (in Chinese): Directions / Map,if you don't know how to get FUDA,please print this map,then give it to the TAXI driver, (s)he will take you here.

· How do I get to Fuda Cancer Hospital South District(Fuda Hospital) ?Telephone Switchboard :+86-20-85669999
Customer Service Dept :+86-20-38993900
Fax :+86-20-38993901


Patient Counseling Information


TEL :+86-20-34471288,+86-20-38993966, +86-20-38993919(Arabic)
FAX :+86-20-38993950
EMAIL :consultation@fudahospital.com




Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospial(South campus)


Address (Chinese):广州海珠区赤岗聚德中路91、93号。邮编 510305

Address (English) :91, 93 Jude Zhong Rd, Chigang, Guangzhou, China, 510305.


Telephone Switchboard : 020-34471200



Contact in your country


America :consultationAmerica@fudahospital.com
Australia :consultationAus@fudahospital.com 
Cambodia :consultationCambodia@fudahospital.com
Europe :consultationEurope@fudahospital.com

Malaysia :consultationMalaysia@fudahospital.com
Middle East :consultationMideast@fudahospital.com 
Philippines :consultationphils@fudahospital.com
Singapore :consultationSing@fudahospital.com 

HongKong Macau :


Tel: +86 15768880698; +00852 51132994;

E-mail: consultationhk@fudahospital.com

Address: Level 17,Silvercord Tower 2nd ,30 Canton Road,Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon,H.K.

Indonesia :

Kantor Fuda di Jakarta:
Komplek Ruko Apartemen Gading Mediterania Blok RK 01A. Jln. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya Kelapa Gading jakarta utara.
tlp kantor 021-30034221.
website www.fudahospital.com.
Fb:FUDA Hospital indonesia
Email : fuda.jkt@gmail.com, fanyfuda@yahoo.co.id



Tel: 0196758933


Russia :

Michael Litvinov M.D.

Tel: 0086 15986355788



MS.Siwiwan Phuminanphokhin
Tel: +66-81-580-3998, +66-94-221-1169, +66-27-171-200



Tel: 01732939917


India :

Dr.Anup Aboti

Tel: 00919579622244


Vietnam :

Thu Dung

Tel: 0084-915906200



Dr. Alina Magdalena Musetescu (volunteer)
Tel: +40213179214/ +40722601636
E-mail: alina.musetescu@monitoring-force.org


For patients who are ready to take the next step and begin applying for visas:



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Who we are
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