24th Oct, 2018
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Cancer is a systemic disease with tumors as a local manifestation of the disease. Once cancer occurs in a person, cancerous cells will be found in the body. Surgical removal of tumors in no way implies that one is cured of cancer. For example, breast cancer can relapse even if the original tumors were removed.Like hypertension and diabetes, cancer is a chronic disease. The disease may take a few years to manifest itself - from its occurrence until the emergence of tumors. In some cases, cancer cells may exist in a stage of ....
Billing and Other Financial Matters
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Dear Friends:

We treat all of our patients from all countries equally with the same medical charges, the same way as we charge our Chinese citizens. We made our charging standards in accordance with some relevant regulations of the Guangdong government, and all of our charge items have been granted and registered. However, as every country has different medical care system, patients from different countries may have different understandings of the way we charge the patients. In terms of these misunderstandings, I would like to give you the following explanations:

1. We charge patients on the basis of RMB. Since the exchange rate of the dollar may fluctuate every day, those pay in dollar would need to pay according to the exchange rate of the day they pay.

You could go to the bank by yourself to convert the dollar into RMB, or you could request the company of the hospital workers to go to the bank with you.

2. There would be no extra service charges in our hospital or in our hospital bank whether you pay by card or by remittance. However, we can not guarantee that the bank in your country will not charge you for the inter-bank transfer service, as your country may have different laws and regulations.

3. Our hospital implements a pre-payment (deposit) system. You are supposed to leave sufficient deposits on time for hospitalization. The medical treatment and service contract would be terminated automatically when you fail to make up your defaulting payments three days after receiving the payment notice.

4. Our hospital staff will not accept any tips or presents. Neither will they accept the treatment of meals.

5. The consultation of the doctor, including the visit of the patient and the consultation in the office, is free of charge. However, the nursing and the special cares are on your cost. According to your conditions, we may invite consultant doctors from other hospitals to give details of diagnosis, which is on your cost (we would inform you in advance).

4. Costs for major diagnosis and treatment projects (i.e. the cryosurgery, the vascular interventional therapy, the endoscope, the surgery) usually refer to technology costs, which do not include the cost for the consumed materials (i.e. intubates) or the medication. In another word, besides paying for the technology fees, you would also need to pay according to the actual consumption of the medical materials and medication. What's more, there is a need for extra pays when an operation is carried out under the guidance of anesthesia, CT or type-B ultrasonic.

6. Adding beds in the ward are not free, with each couch costing (*) Yuan, and each bed (*) Yuan per day.

7. The traditional Chinese medicine usually advocates adopting a treatment according to patients' individualized conditions, which indicates that the prescription and the dosage of the medicine may vary from patient to patient depending on their conditions. In particular, some Chinese medicines are very expensive, for example, the Awetoes are extremely costly despite their great effectiveness in treating cancers. Therefore, think twice before choosing these expensive medicines.

8. You can enjoy nutritious meals in FUDA Cancer Hospital North District. Chinese food, Islamic and Southeast Asia tastes will be offered in the Dinning Hall on Six Floor, where you can also find a food station. Coffee house and a store for daily necessities are available on the First Floor.

9. Airport pickup and pickoff are usually free of charge. Usually, if the patient and his companies take the same flight, we would pick them up with an ambulance or a service car. If several patients arrive at the airport at the same period of time, we would pick them up with the same ambulance or a service car. Furthermore, when a patient is hospitalized in our hospital, his companies may come and go, but our hospital will not pay for their traffic expenses.

10. Other charge items usually include Western Medicine, Chinese Patent Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Room, Consultation, Examination, Nursing, Therapy, Operation, Laboratory, Oxygen, Anesthesia, Board and Others. We would update the list of expenses each day for your reference. You have a full access to the daily updated list of expenses in your inpatient area. If you have any questions or problems, please refer to your inpatient area.

11. The Financial Department of our hospital holds the right to interpret the charge items according to the Chinese laws and regulations.


12. Should you encounter any illegal charges, please send your complaints to this e-mail address:fudahospital@vip.163.com.


Wish you a good life and a good recovery in our hospital!


Chief President Xu Kecheng

10,July, 2011





Guangzhou FUDA Cancer Hospital is made up of two hospital facilities: FUDA South and FUDA North. This differentiation is to better help meet the needs of our patients. Please read the following descriptions below:

Guangzhou FUDA Cancer Hospital

Opened in November 2011, FUDA Cancer Hospital North District has ample amenities for patients and their family members. Gyms on the fourth and fifth floors, several tables and chairs for patients and their loved ones to chat on the third floor, not to mention a cafeteria that prepares delicious Chinese, Indonesian, and Arabic (Halal) cuisines daily make FUDA Tianhe Hospital the perfect place for cancer treatment! Furthermore, state-of-the-art machines and caring medical staff ensure that you are being given the best care available.You can see the patient and medical facilities as following.




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