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Cancer is a systemic disease with tumors as a local manifestation of the disease. Once cancer occurs in a person, cancerous cells will be found in the body. Surgical removal of tumors in no way implies that one is cured of cancer. For example, breast cancer can relapse even if the original tumors were removed.Like hypertension and diabetes, cancer is a chronic disease. The disease may take a few years to manifest itself - from its occurrence until the emergence of tumors. In some cases, cancer cells may exist in a stage of ....
Admission Procedures
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The step-by-step procedure for coming to Fuda cancer hospital for treatment


To date, FUDA cancer hospital has treated thousands of international patients from 68 foreign countries around the world, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. We have full-time patient services department to assist our patients in language translation, visa issues, flight arrangements, airport pickups, hotel accommodation bookings, and banking issues. This page summarizes the step-by-step procedure to come to FUDA cancer hospital for cancer treatment.

Step 1:

Learn more about our hospital, our services, and our reputation by reviewing our website, FAQ, and by downloading our informative brochure.
Step 2:

Contact us at consultation@fudahospital.com. Please provide us with patient's diagnosis and stage of cancer, medical reports, treatment history and dates, and description of the patient's condition (level of pain, ability to breath, ability to walk, ability to eat). With all the information in hand, FUDA specialist team can review and promtly provide you with a reply, usually within 24 hours.
Step 3:
After receiving our treatment recommendation, consider and discuss with your family the length of treatment (approximately 30 days), and the cost of treatment. These are decisions that often affect the patient's entire family.
Step 4:
If you have made the decision to seek treatment at FUDA Hospital, congratulations! Your decision is supported by our experience and the award-winning research of our oncologists. The next step is to provide us with the full names and passport numbers of each person who plans to come to FUDA. Please be sure to note which name is the patient's name. With this information, we will provide you with a visa invitation letter which you can take to the local Chinese embassy or local travel agency. You should get your visa in about 3-4 business days.
Step 5:

Once you have your visas, you can purchase your plane tickets to Guangzhou International Airport (airport code: CAN). When you have your confirmed flight information, please email us your flight number, arrival date and time, and total number of people arriving. Please bring your previous medical records with you. Upon arrival, FUDA Hospital will send a driver and a staff member to pick you up at the airport and bring you straight to the hospital, and to your private patient room.








Admission Information


Dear patients and accompanying relatives / caregivers, 

Welcome to FUDA Cancer Hospital!  Thank you for choosing and entrusting your healthcare to us. The purpose of our hospital is to provide our valued patients with sincere, comprehensive, and personalized care. We will endeavor to work with you so that our patients regain their health and quality of life. In order to make your stay with us as comfortable and safe as possible, we wish to bring to your attention the following admission information and seek your compliance, understanding and cooperation.


During the duration of your hospitalization, you, the patient, are entitled to the following rights and privileges:

1. To receive medical treatment and preventive healthcare services.

2. To be kept informed about your medical diagnosis, prognosis, progress, treatment plan, expenses, risks, drug efficacy and post-recovery results and requirements. Please consult your doctor whenever you have queries and concerns. You also have the right to choose and decide your treatment plan.  

3. To use the bell or telephone to call for help whenever you experience discomfort and require assistance. Your room number and number for the nurses' station is written on the telephone in your room. To call anyone inside the hospital, just dial "8" followed by the last three digits of their telephone number. We will immediately respond to your medical needs.

4. To appoint and assign a person, with the necessary legal capacity to act on your behalf with regards to medical consent and making medical decisions.

5. To receive certified true copies of your medical reports and other medical materials in accordance with the law at your discharge time.

6. To request your doctor to keep all your medical information confidential. Our hospital respects your personal information. 

7. To be informed about all your medical costs on a daily basis, beginning on the second day of your admission. Please verify all daily medical bills on a daily basis and consult the head nurse if you have any questions.

8. Please note that all hospital employees do not accept any gifts in cash or kind (a "tip"). There is a suggestion box on every floor in our hospital and we welcome your valuable comments and suggestions.


During the duration of the patient's hospitalization, both the patient and the accompanying relatives / caregivers must comply with hospital regulations as outlined below: 


(1). Provide accurate personal patient information: name, sex, age, personal ID number, address, medical reimbursement type, etc.

(2). Provide full disclosure of all patient medical history and related conditions: medical history, treatment history, diagnosis, drug allergies, etc.

(3). Follow doctors' and nurses' directions at all times. 

(4). Ensure the patient wears the hospital's uniform and the patient wristband for identification purposes.

(5). Obtain the doctor-in-charge's written permission prior to the patient leaving the hospital.

(6). Obtain the permission of the head nurse prior to changing wards, rooms or beds. 

(7). Ensure the patient is present in his/her room during medical rounds and scheduled treatments. If there are treatment or nursing problems, please inform your doctor or nurse immediately.

(8). Prior to receiving a specific examination, treatment, or surgery, your doctor will provide you with the necessary information that includes potential risks, and will require the patient's or patient's proxy to sign the medical consent form to confirm acceptance and understanding. The signed medical consent is a legal document, therefore please read it carefully before signing.

(9). In line with the patient's treatment plan and medical conditions, your doctor will discuss the patient's dietary and meal requirements. The hospital provides a dietitian who will help you to arrange your nutritious meals.   Accompanying relatives/caregivers/family members/friends can also dine in the hospital restaurant or the café (using the hospital meal card, no cash is accepted). Please notify your doctor or nurse immediately if there are specific patient dietary needs.

(10). Without your doctor's written permission, the patient must not consult or invite any outside doctor or medical personnel for diagnosis and or treatment. Furthermore, the patient must not consume any medication not approved by your doctor. FUDA Cancer Hospital will not be responsible for any consequences as a result of non-compliance to the above.

(11). To ensure your safety, the following are forbidden while within your room or ward: smoking, alcohol consumption, or high-capacity electrical appliances (including cooking appliances). In case of fire emergency, do not use the elevator, instead use the stairs next to the elevator. For emergencies call:020-38993907 or in-house call 8110.

(12). Do not lock your room door or bathroom door so that your doctors and nurses can access the patient at all times.

(13). Kindly note that the hospital wards are a public area. As such, please safe-keep your valuable belongings such as laptop, cash, documents and other valuables. Safety deposit boxes are available from the hospital cashiers upon application. The hospital is not liable for property loss caused by negligence.

(14). Infant patients, elderly patients, patients with mental or psychological problems, critically-ill patients and patients with special needs must have personal attendants at all times who will be responsible for the patient's daily needs. Between nurses' visits, always notify the doctor and nurses immediately should there be any changes to the patient's condition.

(15). Act responsibly towards public property, maintain a low noise level throughout the ward so as not to disturb other patients, and always practice hygiene, tidiness, safety and consideration towards others.

(16). When taking a shower, please turn on cold water first before hot water in order to avoid scalding. Always wear the hospital slippers, especially in the bathroom. Please be careful of wet, slippery surfaces.

(17). If sharing room with 2 to 6 patients, please turn off the TV between 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM and after 10:00 PM. Use the bedside lamp if you need light during the evenings. If necessary, you can raise the bedside railing to avoid falling. Climbing the door, window, balcony or other dangerous places is strictly prohibited.

(18). Close all windows and doors if you turn on the air conditioning. Please note that the best room temperature setting for central air-conditioning is 23-25℃.

(19). Our hospital uses a "pay-as-you-go" pre-payment (deposit) system. You will receive daily invoices and you must ensure that you maintain adequate funds in your account at all times. You can expect a notification should you have insufficient funds in your account. Please note that if insufficient funds remain in your account for three consecutive days, the hospital reserves the right to automatically terminate further medical services. 

(20). Follow your doctor's medical directions and cooperate actively in the examination and treatment. In the late afternoon, before the patient's discharge day, please present all relevant deposit receipts to the cashier to complete the discharge procedure. Take heed of your doctor's post discharge recommendations and return to FUDA Cancer Hospital, for further medical examination and treatment, when due.

(21). According to the Law,Exit of Foreigners and Rules governing the Implementation of the aforementioned law, in People's Republic of China on Entry and aliens who arrive at our hospital, shall report and register accommodation to the Jiang Hai Police Station within 24 hours. (Medical Service Center can make the arrangement for you)

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We wish you a quick recovery!


Matters Need Attention

A. Admission

On arrival, your doctor and your nurse will introduce themselves to you. Your nurse will take your blood pressure and body temperature. You need to provide your medical history to them. Your nurse will also inform you about the medical check-up(s) you need to do the next morning, whether or not you need to avoid eating, and other things you need to do.

Your nurse/ translator will help accompany you to register at our hospital. You need to fill in the registration form and deposit 20000 Chinese RMB at our cashier on the first floor. Please do not forget to bring your passport with you. The cashier will give you a yellow receipt for your deposit. You need to keep this for your record, and should be kept in a safe place. You need to return all your deposit receipts to the cashier when you are discharged from hospital.


B. Methods of Payment

There are different ways to deposit money at Fuda Hospital: cash, credit cards and money transfer.



FUDA hospital can only accept cash in the form of Chinese RMB. If you bring other currencies, you need to change it into RMB first. You need to notify the nurse to arrange for the security guard to escort you to the Bank of China. China does not have private money changers the way other countries might have. There is an ATM machine on the first floor from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). The machine accepts Master, Visa, Cirrus, Diner's Club, American Express and JCB Cards. You can draw up to 3000 yuan each time and up to the maximum of 20,000 RMB per day.

Credit Card

Hospital accepts both Mastercard and Visa cards. However, Visa is preferrable.


Bank transfer

For large amounts, it is recommended to do a bank transfer from your home country. You can not make a money transfer from the ATM machine on the first floor.


Hospital Account Information



1、Guangzhou Fuda Medical CO. , LTD- Fuda Cancer Hospital


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Guangzhou Dadao Sub-branch

Address: Guangzhou Dadao Nan No. 701 Guangzhou, China


Name: Guangzhou Fuda Medical CO. , LTD- Fuda Cancer Hospital
Or you can abbreviate it:
GZ Fuda Medical CO. , LTD – Fuda Cancer Hospital
Account number: 3602 0722 1920 0054 818



You must write the full name in post-script (PS) or as notes, Because the space is not enough for receiver's name. For example: Beneficiary's name: Guangzhou FUDA Medical CO. LTD-FUDA Cancer Hospital . Thank you.

Make sure to write down the purpose of the money transfer as MEDICAL TREATMENT FEE, PATIENT'S NAME and ROOM NUMBER (if applicable) and ask your bank to fax a copy of the receipt directly to the hospital fax number :0086-20-38993969. Thank you.

C. During Your Stay

When you want to discuss your condition with your doctor, it is best to wait until they have finished with their morning visit to all the patients. Then, you can make an appointment for him/ her to come to your room later or meet him/ her in the office. Feel free to approach your doctor if you have any question or problem.

D. Treatment Plan

On your second day of arrival, the patient is usually scheduled for PET/CT scan or CT scan and/or other necessary check-ups. PET/CT scan result will arrive the afternoon or evening of the third day. Based on the result of the scan, the next morning your doctor will discuss your case with the whole treatment team and make a treatment plan for you.

The treatment plan will consist of the treatment modalities for you plus the cost estimation. Please keep in mind that this is only a rough estimation, there may be unexpected condition (ie: low white blood cell, low electrolyte, etc). These conditions will add to the cost of your treatment.

E. The Invoice

Every afternoon you will receive a daily invoice for all activities you have been through as a patient the day before. This includes details on infusions, scans and check-ups, room fee, nursing etc. The headlines are in English but specifications are in Chinese. Please understand that for the time being, it is impossible for us to provide you with an English invoice. If you have questions about the invoice, please do not hesitate to contact your nurse or translator.

These are the headlines:

Western Charge: This specification consists of western medicine and vitamins given as as oral medicine, injection or infusions.
Chinese Charge: All types of Chinese and herbal medicine given in oral liquid, injection or infusions.
Room: This is the charge for the room you stay in. A daily additional fee of 4 RMB is charged. If you need an airbed or extra sofa bed, these can be provided at an extra cost.
Examination: Includes PET CT scan, ultrasound, ECG, and other scans and tests
Consultation: A daily charge for the doctors' room visit
Nursing: A daily charge for the all of nurses services. There are 4 types of daily care service depending on the condition of the patient. There are also other nursing services depending on your condition (i.e. daily hygiene care, giving injections, mixing saline solution, etc.)
Therapy: This may be any kinds of treatment you received: CIC, cryoablation, seed knife, acupuncture, heat treatment, and the charges for the equipments used for any procedure (i.e. blood tests, etc.)
Operation: Any kinds of surgery
Laboratory: Whenever you have blood work, or laboratory analysis is done, the charge will be put under this headline.
Others: Anything else

F. Discharge
It is best that you settle your medical bill the afternoon or evening before your discharge. The cashier is open until 10 pm. Ask your nurse first whether they have closed your hospital account beforehand. Do not forget to bring all the yellow receipts.

After your bill is settled, the cashier will give you the medical record both in English (you can use it for insurance purposes) and in Chinese. If you require a wheelchair for any reason, please let our doctors know in advance.  Your doctor will also give you back all your previous medical check-up reports.

G. Palliative Care
Palliative Care is an approach that improves the quality of lives of patients and families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the relief of suffering by means of psychological, social and spiritual support.

If you are a Roman Catholic or Christian and in need of a priest's or sister's service, feel free to ask your translator to arrange this for you.

H. Miscellaneous


IDD Telephone from room
If you need to call home from your room, you can ask your nurse to open the IDD connection for you. This will enable you to call home more cheaply. The telephone bill will be charged separately from your medical bill when you are discharged.
To make a local call: 9-17909-20 (Guangzhou code number)-XXXXXXXX
To make a local mobile phone call: 9-17909-XXXXXXXXXXX
To make an international call: 9-17909-00-(International code number)-(city code number)-(telephone number)

Passport and Visa

We highly advise you to make a copy of your passports (patient's passport and family members' and/or friends') and bring the copy with you (and NOT the original passport) when you need to go out of the hospital. The cashier on the first floor will help you copy the front page and the visa page when you register with the hospital for the first time.

Issue date: the date the Chinese Consulate or Embassy issues this visa
Enter before: the validity date that you can use this visa to enter China.

Ex: enter before 29 March 2009. If you haven't used this visa until this date, then you need to apply for a new visa to go to China.
Duration of each stay: the period of time you are allowed to stay with this visa from your arrival date.

Entries: the time(s) of entry(s) you can use this visa to enter China

How to know when your permit is about to expire:
Ex: You have a 30-day stay for each traveler's permit. For example, if you entered China on September 15, 2008, then your permit to stay would end on October 14, 2008.

When your visa permit nearly expires, but you are still on medication or a treatment which does not allow you to return to your home country, you need to extend your visa. Please take a visa picture in the appointed photo studio first (the nearest one is on Chigang Rd opposite Chigang Lukou bus stop, for patients who can not leave their beds, the photographer will be willing to come to the hospital for an extra fee) and apply for a new visa one week in advance. Check on IV.3 Ticketing and Visa Extension part.


NOTICE: Dear Sir / Madam, visa on arrival is NOT PERMITED. Visitors please apply your visa before you come to China.




Helpful Telephone Directory

1. Foreign Currency Exchange
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, the security guard can accompany you to go to the Bank of China to exchange your money. Bring your original passport and a copy of your passport. Please notify your nurse in advance.
2.Indonesian and English Translator

Li Lin (Eddy) 18922261697,15915827969
Lina 18922212833, 15013289929
3.Ticketing and Visa Extension
When your visa permit nearly expires, but you are still on medication or a treatment which does not allow you to return to your home country, you need to extend your visa. Please take a visa picture in the appointed photo studio first (the nearest one is on Chigang Rd opposite Chigang Lukou bus stop, for patients who can not leave their beds, the photographer will be willing to come to the hospital for an extra fee) and apply for a new visa one week in advance. Check on IV.3 Ticketing and Visa Extension part.
For visa extension, ticket change and in-hospital visa photo, contact :
Todd Liu 18922261579 or office number : 38993902
Calling from your room: #8120


4. If you would like to know about our hospital, please link to our website: www.fudahospital.com.



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